嘿 Starscream 你完蛋了(指(#

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in RID 33 Scream was insane and damn… I just can barely imagine scene when Rattrap found him in that conditionfirst time… Starscream hates him, but rattrap worries about him ><

And Starscream can be really scary when he is angry and he can make harm. 

And now Rattrap only stayes behind the door and even can’t walk in because who knows—

I feel so sorry for him =\

(and really. rattrap is nobody without starscream and he can’t take his job, it’s ridiculous)

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"This just might be your worst idea yet, Skywarp."

"Uhhuh ‘xcept you’re wrong, TC. We get to have a bit of fun and Screamy gets to see his mech at last that’s a win-win in my books now give me my well done kiss.”

Happy birthday Popetti :>


Starscream sasses his way through the Armada comic.

My favourite is the one where he literally stabs Megatron in the back. :’D And the panel where he gets all self-aware.


someone: stop drawing starscream me:((screech)) 


Grumpy face means I love you


I cannot be the only one thinking this.

RID #33


(Part 3/?)

I tried to make one for the Decepticons but they all ended up as Starscream.


Transformers: RID #33, Artwork by Sarah Stone ( fayren )